“Those bear jars may be cute, but they’re bear-ly real.” - Dimitri Grigorovich.

Started in 2015 as a company on a mission to bring highest quality honey to the US, Apiterra has grown to be a trailblazer in the honey industry with raw unfiltered honey infused with the most nutritious superfoods.

As the son of a 2nd generation beekeeper, Apiterra’s founder Dimitri Grigorovich grew up eating honey in Belarus that was never heated or filtered. They didn’t need to call it “raw honey” because it was already raw and it was all they knew. His father, who made honey as part of his job in the forestry department, mixed the fresh honey with chopped cranberries, a concept that will later be the core of what makes Apiterra unique. “My family was not wealthy,” said Grigorovich in a Forbes interview, noting that treats like chocolates couldn’t be had everyday, “so we had a lot of honey with berries.” It was only right that his father became one of Apiterra’s first honey suppliers.

Since it’s early stages, Apiterra has now grown to be a five-person team, selling wholesale and locally to U.S. bakeries and breweries, large corporation’s cafeterias and straight to honey-lovers' hands. Apiterra continues to dominate the market with all natural honey made with love, and keeping the family business alive souring from the cleanest parts of Eastern Europe. 


Apiterra Honey

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