Honey Sample Pack: Raw Honey with Superfoods

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Nature’s finest raw honey — now infused with nature’s finest superfoods.
For a limited time only, use discount code TRYME to claim your sample of our nutrient-rich superfood-infused honey, only pay for shipping and handling ($4.95)
Limited to one per customer.


  • 1 jar Raw Honey with Ginger & Lemon - 1.76oz
  • 1 jar Raw Honey with Turmeric & Ginger  - 1.76oz
  • 1 jar Raw Honey with Cinnamon & Propolis  - 1.76oz
  • 1 jar Raw Honey with Propolis, Bee Pollen & Royal Jelly - 1.76oz

UNIQUE TASTE - We start each small batch by hand-pouring our pure, raw honey and adding only the highest quality, 100% sun-dried fruits and spices. We handpick the most nutritious and powerful Superfoods to achieve maximum health benefits and extraordinary taste in each of our unique and delicious honey blends 

HEALTHY SUPERFOOD - All the Superfoods are rich in antioxidants, helps boost metabolism, a great source of natural energy and mental clarity

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