Chamomile Tranquility - Organic herbal tea, 50 bags


  • ORGANIC HERBAL PYRAMID TEA BAGS - Chamomile Tranqulity with Chamomile, Valerian & Apple pieces | Bag of ApiTerra Tea contains 50 biodegradable pyramid tea bags for a fresher and flavorful brew | Caffeine-free
  • TASTE: Calming and herbal with fruity notes and a hint of lavender
  • FEELS LIKE: Watching the sunset over the ocean
  • SOOTHING, CALMING BLEND to ease tension and clear your mind. Sweet chamomile provides the honey-tinged base for rosehip and lavender’s fresh florals
  • USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives | Each ApiTerra pyramid tea bag contains 3g of whole leaf tea, compared to only 2g of low-quality stuff from other brands
  • PREMIUM ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Chamomile, Rosehip seed, Lemon balm, Apple pieces, sweet blackberry leaves, Lavender, silver lime flower, Valerian, Peppermint, Rose petals, Marigold flowers | 3x more ingredients than other brands

All ApiTerra’s teas are made with organic ingredients in a process that solidifies its health benefits, incredible aroma, and distinctive taste. The best tea comes from organic ingredients, and ApiTerra’s premium whole leaf tea is made with only the finest ingredients ethically sourced around the globe.

Taste is paramount to your tea and wellness experience. You’ll notice low-quality teas lose flavor quickly and have flat aromas. ApiTerra maintains premium quality for rich flavors that grow stronger as they steep. 

At ApiTerra, every cup of tea is designed to be extraordinary. 

Are ApiTerra teas organic and NON-GMO?

All of ApiTerra teas are certified USDA organic (that incudes NON-GMO aswell). We are committed to sourcing only the highest quality organic teas and herbs that are good for you and the planet;

Organic Tea vs Regular tea

Organic tea is grown naturally, without chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides. All of which have been proven to harm the environment as well as the farmers who grow the leaves and consumers who ingest the remains of the chemicals.Organic tea often have more beneficial nutrients, such as antioxidants, than their conventionally-grown counterparts and people with allergies to foods, chemicals, or preservatives may find their symptoms lessen or go away when they eat only organic foods;

What are ApiTerra teabags made of?

Our teabags are biodegradable and made from manila hemp cellulose (plant fiber). They are Non-GMO, unbleached, and the tag is made from 100% recycled materials and soy-based inks. Our tea strings are made from cotton;

What “Premium Tea” really means?

Premium tea should be fresh, full of flavor, and have a distinctive aroma. It should be beautiful to look at, pleasant to smell and delicious to drink. Premium blended and flavored teas will have high quality tea leaves and other high quality or rare ingredients;

What is a tea sachet (pyramid tea bag)? Is it better?

Our tea sachets are pyramid-shaped silky nylon bags that are filled with whole-leaf loose tea. The benefit of the pyramid shape is to allow the tea leaves to expand fully, thus allowing the full tea taste to develop;

Are your teas caffeinated?

Any tea that is made using the tea plant (such as green tea, black tea, oolong, and white tea) naturally contains caffeine. Herbal infusions (often referred to as “herbal tea”) do not actually contain tea leaves and therefore typically do not contain caffeine;

What makes tea sustainable?

Our teas come in biodegradable tea bags whereas other companies only offer non-recyclable options for consumers. This allows us to share our premium organic tea blends without harm to the environment or the consumers from synthetic chemicals. We value Corporate Social Responsibility through sustainability and dedication to using only all-natural and organic ingredients, in a process that’s supportive of our future generations.

About Apiterra Tea

From Moroccan Mint to Immunity Uplift, we crafted these teas for a generation who holds a closer connection to the food we eat and the planet we inhabit. Each package comes with 50 biodegradable pyramid tea sachets filled with ethically sourced herbal blends—which is enough for you to savor nature’s true flavor over and over again.

Bringing joy with every sip 

At ApiTerra we value flavor over appearance, nutrition over uniformity, sustainability over mass production, and quality above all else. We aim to marry wellness natural health benefits with a real taste bringing joy with every sip. 


Enjoy real, full-bodied flavors you won’t find anywhere but nature.

Our ingredients are ethically sourced from around the world and brought to the consumers who care about the products they buy and the companies they support.

From garden to cup

Say goodbye to boring and flavorless tea!

Customer Reviews

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ApiTerra delivers great product and service

Can't say enough about this company. Great products and service always. I am a big fan of their honey and teas.

morning fog
Way better

This tea is one of my favorite chamomile tea blends. I am a daily chamomile tea drinker and have tried many different kinds and blends, and this one became my second favorite. As the tea brews, the aroma is soothing, and it almost brings tranquility after the first several sips. The choice of blends in this tea bag is well balanced, and it brings a calm feeling every time I drink this tea. Sometimes I enjoy straight chamomile flower tea for the quality, but then after trying this blend, regular chamomile tea flavor seemed mundane. Overall, I love this blend of chamomile tea, and the price is not too bad for the 50 count pack. I highly recommend this brand!

Mild sweet, fruity taste; Love to drink this caffeine-free tea before bedtime

Following directions on the product package, I boiled water and brewed a sachet of this caffeine-free Organic Chamomile Herbal Tea for 5 minutes before drinking it.This tea gives a golden-color. It has a mild sweet, fruity taste.There is a good amount of the tea leaves in each sachet, giving a good-tasting tea.I like the high quality manner in which the tea is made: USDA organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, no artificial flavors / colors / preservatives.I like that the tag is not stapled to each sachet.Overall, I like to drink tea at night. It helps to calm me as I get ready to sleep. This ApiTerra brand of Chamomile tea provides what I am looking for - a caffeine-free, quality tea with a taste that I enjoy.

Pretty tea bags, Delicious Tea

I drink multiple mugs of tea each evening (sometimes during the day as well), and like to stick to the basics (Orange Spice, Chamomile, Cinnamon, etc). I have never splurged and bought myself higher quality tea and instead have just always picked up a box of simple tea bags from the grocery store.Recently, I went to a restaurant and ordered hot tea and was so impressed with the presentation and the quality of the fancier tea bags. After that, I came home... saw these (in one of my favorite/staple flavors), and ordered immediately.This tea arrived nicely packaged and double bagged which was nice. Upon opening the larger bags, I was pleased to see that the tea bags were pretty and looked just like they did at the restaurant. I immediately brewed a mug of this and it was perfect - light but still flavorful. I felt nice and relaxed while drinking this!I look forward to incorporating this into my bedtime routine. Also - I thought the brewing steps were quite funny with step 3 being "ponder some of life's most rewarding questions".I will order again and look forward to trying other blends.


Wow! This tea is absolutely delicious. I’ve tried many but the Apiterra Chamomile Tea is my number 1.