Matcha & Sencha - Organic Green Tea, 50 Bags


  • ORGANIC GREEN PYRAMID TEA BAGS - Matcha& Sencha with Real Apple Pieces | Bag of ApiTerra Tea contains 50 biodegradable pyramid tea bags for a fresher and flavorful brew | Caffeine-medium
  • TASTE: Fresh, grassy with strong apple notes
  • FEELS LIKE: Walking in a garden at dawn
  • VIBRANT HERBAL MIX: Allow this unique blend of green teas, mint and apple to lift your spirits day or night with a fresh, clean yet subtly powerful brew. The taste is green and oh so vibrant
  • USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives | Each ApiTerra pyramid tea bag contains 3g of whole leaf tea, compared to only 2g of low-quality stuff from other brands
  • PREMIUM ORGANIC INGREDIENDS: Green Tea, Spearmint, Apple pieces and GreenTea Matcha

We are on a misson to bring the rawest possible foods to the most possible people. Luckily, the existence of organic tea trees make our job ridiculuosly easy. All we really had to do was put freshly picked, unsprayed leaves in a biodegradable bag and write this copy. Mother Nature is amazing.

For centuries, people have used tea to connect to nature and the billions of thoiughts running through their heads . Our organic, ethically sourced tea leaves can help you do the same.

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