Manuka Honey, Certified UMF 16+, 250g/8.82oz


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Haddrell's of Cambridge New Zealand Manuka Honey. Manuka trees are indigenous to NZ and honey made from the Manuka blossom is very delicious, earthy honey that has unique properties. These properties can be measured in a laboratory by testing for key compounds. The world’s most trusted and rigorous method of grading Manuka honey is to measure the ‘Unique Manuka Factor’ (UMF). Honey that achieves a UMF rating has been proven to contain the three signature compounds found in genuine Manuka Honey (Leptosperin, DHA, and Methylglyoxal (MGO)), and buying honey with the UMF rating is the best way to ensure you’re buying genuine Manuka Honey with a measurable purity.

The difference between raw honey and regular honey is that in addition to being pure, “raw” honey has not been heated or filtered. 

Never heating and never filtering is the best way to preserve the natural minerals, vitamins, and enzymes found in raw honey as it exists in the beehive.

Apiterra raw honey has never been heated or filtered.

Never heated: when honey is heated above the average maximum temperature of a typical beehive (95 degrees Fahrenheit), most of the natural enzymes of honey are destroyed. Therefore we choose to not heat our raw honey, unlike other raw honey producers.

Never filtered: more than ¾ of  honey that is sold  is filtered (Liquid), in order to remove all the pollen and beeswax, mostly for cosmetic reasons, sometimes to hide the origin. We like our raw honey to be real, so we choose to keep these elements, especially because pollen contains many beneficial vitamins.

If you’ve beed asking:
- Why is it solid (crystallized)? 
- Is it Sugar?
- Has it gone off?

MYTH: Crystallized honey is adulterated (spoiled) or contains sugar.

FACT: Many assume that crystallized honey is adulterated or ‘spoiled.’ This is absolutely not so. Real unheated and unfiltered raw honey crystallizes. The crystallization process is natural and spontaneous. Pure, raw and unheated honey has a natural tendency to crystallize over time with no effect on the honey other than color and texture. 


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